Lea Michele Is Married — And Her Wedding Dress Is Timeless

A 'Glee'-ful celebration

Glee actress Lea Michele tied the knot with husband Zandy Reich on Saturday night (March 9), and it looks like it was a gorgeous sight to behold.

The couple wed in a ceremony in Northern California after two years of dating, and if this picture is anything to go by, they were absolutely glowing.

People shared an exclusive photo of Michele and Reich, which shows off the actress and singer's strapless white gown — complete with a fitted bodice and a particularly voluminous (and glamorous) skirt. Reich chose a classic navy blue tuxedo, keeping it simple to complement Lea's timeless look.

Reich, the president of clothing label AYR, proposed to Michele in April 2018, with a gorgeous 4-carat diamond engagement ring. After saying "yes," the Glee alum shared a candid snapshot of her hand over her face and the huge stone on full display

The Emmy-nominated actress partnered with online wedding registry service Zola to plan her wedding,  Michele mistakenly thought planning it would be a "breeze," and quickly found out that it wouldn't be as simple as she previously thought.

"I definitely think that the things that I didn't expect to be stressful became the most stressful," she told Zola.

She originally met Reich during a chance meeting while attending her best friend Stephanie Levinson's wedding. Minutes after meeting while sitting next to each other, he actually had to move seats. But she did end up hanging out with Zandy at Levinson's insistence.

"He moved, and I didn't see him for a little while," she recalled. "And then my best friend Stephanie kept being like, 'You should really hang out with Zandy,'" Michele shared in an interview with Zola's Jennifer Spector. The pair began seeing each other regularly as they crossed paths after that, until a spark happened between them.

"He was always around and at a lot of these mutual friends' events," she said. "It really all happened when I least expected it. It's a pretty awesome story." Then, in April 2018, Reich popped the question. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now that the two are officially husband and wife, we look forward to seeing an album full of couples photos from them — and more than just a glimpse of what was undoubtedly a gleeful wedding. (Sorry.) Bring on the pics, Lea!