Rixton Secretly Record Themselves Performing In An Elevator, And The Reactions They Get Are Priceless: Watch

This is the best thing you'll watch all day.

We've all been stuck on an elevator at some point in our lives, getting lost in our thoughts as the mundane elevator music surrounds us.

But, what if the soundtrack to your elevator ride was music by Rixton? Better yet, how about live music by Rixton?

The British foursome did just that, bringing their hit song "Me And My Broken Heart" to life on an elevator ride for some lucky, and secretly recorded, MTV employees.

That's right, the "Hotel Ceiling" singers secretly videotaped their entire ride through the MTV offices in New York City, catching every moment they suddently burst into song as people got on the elevator.

Some people totally loved it, while others were a but confused. One person just totally ignored them! Watch the video to see Rixton's take on "elevator music," and go to to check out more on the guys.