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Zendaya Prepared For A Year Before She Wore A Pair of Shoes Rihanna Gave Her

‘I would never let her down’

Last June, Rihanna gifted Zendaya with a few pairs of shoes from her denim Manolo Blahnik collaboration. "Thank you fashion mother @badgalriri," she said at the time, which, coincidentally, is the same thing I pray each night before going to sleep.

But as the year went by, the looks Zendaya promised from these stilettos were nowhere to be found. That is until yesterday, when Zendaya wore the sequined-denim pair yesterday at the Spider-Man: Homecoming photo call.

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Madrid Photocall

She hadn't forgotten about the shoes. She had just spent the last year preparing for the perfect moment to wear them.

"I told my mutha Ri I would slay in her Manolo pumps one day, I've been preparing for this day, I would never let her down," she tweeted.

Zendaya and Rihanna seem to be big mutual fans. After last month's Met Gala, the only picture Rihanna shared from the event that wasn't of her own look was of Zendaya's.

You know what they say: If the shoe given to you by Rihanna fits, wear it.