Maggie Gyllenhaal Overcomes Her Fear Of Romantic Comedies

Actress will appear in two next year, 'Trust the Man' and 'Stranger Than Fiction.'

For a 28-year-old actress with more than 20 movies on her résumé, Maggie Gyllenhaal has made a surprisingly low number of romantic comedies. Just one, actually (she had a small part in "40 Days and 40 Nights").

Come next year, though, that number will change.

"I've always been a little worried of that genre," Gyllenhaal said recently. "But this one is great, you know -- it's a good romantic comedy."

Gyllenhaal was referring to "Trust the Man," directed by Bart Freundlich ("Catch That Kid") and filmed just around the corner from Gyllenhaal's New York home.

The movie stars David Duchovny and Billy Crudup as two men who will go to any length to save their dwindling relationships with significant others, played by Julianne Moore and Gyllenhaal.

"We have lots of problems, we fall all over ourselves and in the end we work them out," Gyllenhaal said.

"Trust the Man" premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and is due in June.

A few months later, in November, Gyllenhaal will return in another romantic comedy, playing Will Ferrell's love interest in "Stranger Than Fiction."

In the movie, Ferrell plays an IRS agent whose life is being narrated by a best-selling author only he can hear.

"Stranger Than Fiction" also stars Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah and Emma Thompson and was directed by Marc Forster, known for "Finding Neverland," "Monster's Ball" and the just-released "Stay" (see [article id="1512011"]" 'Stay' Has No Trick, But You May Want To Pay Attention to Those Ill-Fitting Pants"[/article]).

Gyllenhaal hasn't forsaken the dramatic roles we're used to seeing her in, however. She recently played a former prison inmate who returns home to her young daughter in "Shall Not Want," from newcomer Laurie Collyer.

"It actually came out of the Sundance Institute," Gyllenhaal said. "They take about 10 filmmakers a year, and they did [Collyer's] script and everything came out of that. It's about struggling with getting out of prison."

Gyllenhaal is also currently working on Oliver Stone's 9/11 movie, "September," in which she will co-star with Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena (see [article id="1506767"]"Michael Pena To Join Nicolas Cage In Oliver Stone's 9/11 Film"[/article]).

The film shows the recovery of Sergeant John McLoughlin and Officer William J. Jimeno, the last two survivors pulled from Ground Zero.

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