Jamie Foxx Celebrates His 'Intuition' After Kicking Off Week With Terrence Howard Dis

At 'Vibe' party, the singer/actor sang along with his new album instead of taking part in his usual wild antics.

Foxy ladies and Patrón. Expect both when Oscar winner [artist id="7590"]Jamie Foxx[/artist] throws a bash. Fresh off his [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist]-hosted birthday party in Las Vegas ("He said he wanted to pay for it. That was important," Foxx told "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno), Foxx held a shindig Wednesday at New York nightclub Home in honor of the release of his third album, Intuition. The album hit stores on Tuesday, competing against new projects by [artist id="2814953"]Soulja Boy Tell'em[/artist], [artist id="2034479"]Plies[/artist] and [artist id="1244412"]Keyshia Cole[/artist]. Vibe magazine sponsored this one.

"This Jamie album is jamming," one woman at the bar said of Foxx's first LP since [article id="1521501"]2005's Unpredictable.[/article] DJ Envy mixed choice cuts from the LP with a wide array of songs from his normal club playlist, including [artist id="2666"]Bell Biv DeVoe's[/artist] "Poison" and [artist id="1796387"]Jim Jones[/artist] and [artist id="1695327"]Ron Browz's[/artist] "Pop Champagne," the biggest record in New York right now.

"Digital Girl" was among the Foxx records played. "I wanna see what's under there," [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] raps on the record. "There now, put it in the air/ Yeah, load it on my MacBook Air/ It's a new form of macking, don't be old-fashioned, update your passion/ Only reason I be iChattin'/ It's when it's time for some action/ I wanna hit it way way out like John Paxton."

Foxx didn't engage in his usual wild antics, such as standing on top of the bar and pouring liquor straight from the bottle into women's mouths. Instead, the all-purpose entertainer posed for pictures with his fans. Later in the night, he went to the DJ booth with Envy and sang lyrics and ad-libbed to another record off his album, "I Don't Need It."

"I don't need it/ I got options," he sang. "You wanna spend my time?/ You wanna spend my dough?/ You got love for sale?/ I don't need it."

Earlier in the week, Foxx caught eyes and ears all over the Internet when he did some serious joking on actor Terrence Howard. Foxx told syndicated radio host Big Boy that Howard dissed his music. Foxx, in turn, did a spot-on impersonation of the "Iron Man" co-star and riffed on Howard's album sales.

"He's gotta come holla at me. He really went hard on me on this interview on CNN. This is when he was pushing his album that went plastic," Foxx said. "This is the same dude who does the same character in every movie. ... Terrence, you gotta come holla at me."