7 Big-Screen Characters Who Tried To Win Someone's Heart...With A Song 

'Are You The One?''s John just serenaded Jenni, but he isn't the first to get vocal.

When the "Are You the One?" crew bid adieu to another perfect match on Monday night's episode, it was music to our ears. Literally.

How so? As soon as the lucky pair, John and Jenni, entered the Honeymoon Suite, the future lawyer picked up a random guitar and serenaded his one and only with an improvised tune. “Oh Jenni…we met on ‘Are you the One?’” he playfully sang. “Now I am your one.” Corny? Lil bit. Romantic? For sure.

It was also familiar: While his lyrics were undeniably original, John isn’t the first person to serenade his intended. To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of the most unforgettable onscreen moments when a would-be lover -- and in one case, a set of birds -- expressed their feelings through song. Cue the music!

1. Robbie in "The Wedding Singer"

When the crooner (Adam Sandler) finally confesses his love to Julia (Drew Barrymore) during a flight to Las Vegas -- he hijacks the plane's PA system and sings his own composition, "Grow Old With You" -- severe turbulence follows. But it's not caused by bad weather or high winds -- rather, it's Julia's d-bag fiancé Glenn, who furiously tries to make his way up the aisle to silence Robbie. Thank God for flight attendants with really wide beverage carts -- and '80s icon Billy Idol.

2. Patrick in "10 Things I Hate About You"

Now that's balls: In an attempt win over Kat (Julia Stiles), the brooding rebel (Heath Ledger) plugs into the school's outdoor speakers and sings "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"…in front of her entire soccer team. His dreamy a cappella performance kicks into overdrive when the marching band joins in -- and it attracts a pair of unimpressed security guards. Sure, he got saddled with detention, but what a way to go out.

3. Norma Jean and Memphis in "Happy Feet"

With help from their flightless friends, both penguins (Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman) croon mating songs in the animated blockbuster's opening scene. The lady delivers a sultry version of Prince's "Kiss," while the gentleman performs a rousing rendition of Elvis Presley's "Heartbreak Hotel."

4. Effie in "Dreamgirls"

It's often considered the scene that won Jennifer Hudson an Oscar: When Curtis (Jamie Foxx) makes it clear that he's through with the big-voiced belter (J-Hud), she tells him otherwise. And by the end of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going," we damn well believed her.

5. Derek in "Scream 2"

Blood and guts aside, "Scream 2" had its romantic moments. Well, it had at least one: the Omega Kappa Beta (Jerry O'Connell) jumps on a cafeteria table to sing "I Think I Love You" to his girlfriend Sidney (Neve Campbell). Here’s hoping that she enjoyed Derek's romantic side while she could -- cause we all know what happened to him.

6. Maverick in "Top Gun"

When the young lieutenant (Tom Cruise) spots pretty Charlie (Kelly McGillis) across a crowded bar, he comes up with a unique way to get her attention: grab a mic and warble a (really off-key) version of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." Before long, the entire joint joins in for a rollicking sing-a-long that would make the Righteous Brothers proud. Or maybe not.

7. Lloyd in "Say Anything"

Okay, so the aspiring kickboxer (John Cusack) doesn't actually sing to Diane (Ione Court). But you remember the look of heartbreak on his face. You remember the boom box. And you remember this scene every. single. time. you hear Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." Enough said.

What's your favorite onscreen serenade? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to catch the next episode of "Are You The One?" Monday night at 10/9c!