'Star Trek' Reboot Garners Positive Reviews, Excitement From Actors

'This just blew everything out of the water,' actor Chris Pine says of working on the film.

BEVERLY HILLS, California — As anybody with an Internet connection knows by now, [movieperson id="260514"]J.J. Abrams'[/movieperson] highly anticipated [article id="1608748"]"Star Trek" reboot premiered in Texas this week[/article], and those who've seen the film say that the franchise's future is bright. In all the known galaxies, there is no one happier to hear this than the new crew of the USS Enterprise.

"I saw the movie and, for me, I was proud to be a part of it and to be one of the contributing factors that add up to make this whole experience," [movieperson id="325559"]Zachary Quinto[/movieperson] explained recently when we spoke with him about taking on the pointy ears of Mr. Spock. "Now it's about inviting people to come along with us, and to let people know that we really made this movie from a place of respect and from a place of celebration for what came before."

Asked which scene in the movie was her favorite, new Uhura [movieperson id="242567"]Zoe Saldana[/movieperson] didn't waste any time. "I think it's that space dive," she said of the high-adrenaline moment that features Kirk ([movieperson id="343087"]Chris Pine[/movieperson]), Sulu ([movieperson id="190230"]John Cho[/movieperson]) and an unlucky redshirt (is there any other kind?) parachuting out of a space shuttle above Vulcan and onto a Narada drilling-rig platform, as glimpsed in the trailer. "I keep talking about it, but [it's like] when you used to see those shows on MTV that had the most extreme sports with Dan Cortese — it's so awesome. ... J.J. took that and multiplied it times a million. Not only are these guys skydiving, it's a space dive!

"That's as far as I'm going to go because even just talking about it, my palms get sweaty," Saldana laughed. "It's the most engaging scene in my opinion, and Sulu and Kirk look so damn hot that I'm beside myself."

"I've been on big-budget things to a certain extent — but this just blew everything out of the water," Pine marveled about the film, which hits theaters May 8. "You're playing make-believe, but everything is top-quality, the best quality you can ask for — the set you are filming on is the $10 million bridge. Things are so specific that the production designers put the Enterprise call-sign on stuff that will never be seen, pipes and stuff. ... It was an extraordinary situation — potentially latent with a lot of expectation and responsibility — but J.J. always created an atmosphere on set that was one of absolute fun."

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