Amy Adams Has Seen Wonder Woman In Costume And It Made Her Feel 'Mortal'

Adams has wrapped filming on the superhero sequel.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

You'll next be able to see Amy Adams in "Big Eyes," Tim Burton's upcoming historical drama opening December 25. But after that, we'll be eagerly anticipating looking forward to 2016, when she reprises the role of Lois Lane in "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice."

"You have to put the 'Dawn of Justice' in there," Adams joked when MTV News caught up with her at the "Big Eyes" junket. "Someone informed me you also have to put in the colon."

Though Adams is wrapped on shooting the movie -- "Yes, yes," Adams said when asked if she was done filming -- she still got at least one very unique experience on the set: sharing the screen with the first ever theatrical, live-action Wonder Woman.

"Well, I was doing a Superman [movie] -- my part is mostly there," Adams noted. "But it was really fun to get to play with these other characters that were coming in, and get to have Gal [Gadot] there, and get to have another girl on set."

So if she was with Wonder Woman, did she get to see the whole trinity -- Wonder Woman, Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) -- in costume?

"I can't really say!" Adams continued. "But I will say that Gal looks really, really good in that costume. I was like, really? They make them like you? That's awesome... For you. I'm really happy for you. Not so much for me. But, Lois is a mortal."

Mortal or not, she'll be continuing to hold down the franchise beyond "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" in the sequels "Justice League - Part 1" and "Justice League - Part 2." Here's hoping she keeps kicking as much journalistic butt as the superheros do on screen.

"Big Eyes" opens on December 25.

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