Dave Grohl To Courtney Love: Check Your Head

Former Nirvana members file motion to compel Love to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are hoping a judge makes Courtney Love have her head examined.

The former Nirvana members and partners in Nirvana LLC, a business entity they established with Love in 1997 to handle such Nirvana-related issues as the release of recordings, filed a motion on April 11 to compel Love to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as part of the two parties' ongoing dispute over the company, according to a spokesperson for the King County Superior Court in Seattle.

When Nirvana LLC was established, a provision was written into the contract that gave any of the partners the ability to request another's mental heath be evaluated for competency. In a motion to dismiss Grohl and Novoselic's request, filed Wednesday, Love's lawyer recognized the stipulation, though argued that proof of Love's mental condition must be "in controversy," and evidence to support that hasn't been raised. Judge Robert Alsdorf was scheduled to rule on the motion Friday (April 19), but postponed making a decision for seven to 10 days. A specific court date has yet to be set at press time.

Should the judge rule in favor of the former Nirvana members, Love, the widow of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, would have to submit to the evaluation by June 1.

The two parties have been warring over Nirvana LLC since last May, when Love petitioned the court to dissolve the partnership, claiming she was "significantly impaired" when she signed the contract (see [article id="1444878"]"Courtney Love Sues Grohl And Novoselic, Blocks Nirvana Rarity"[/article]). The release of the previously unavailable Nirvana song "You Know You're Right" is being held up following the judge's preliminary injunction until the matter is sorted out.

The attorney for Grohl and Novoselic filed a counterclaim in December, asserting that the LLC functioned effectively and Love was using the lawsuit to revitalize a sagging career (see [article id="1451445"]"Who Speaks For Nirvana? Grohl, Novoselic Lash Out At Courtney Love"[/article]).

—Joe D'Angelo, with additional reporting by Gideon Yago