Fabolous Loves The 1990s: Watch Him Reminisce On 'Martin' And Tropical Fantasy Soda

'The Young OG Project' drops on Christmas.

Fabolous established his rap reign in the 2000s, but the Brooklyn, New York MC is deeply rooted in the 1990s. His upcoming album, The Young OG Project, will drop on Christmas and serve as a bit of a throwback to the decade that influenced Fab the most.

In the music video for "Lituation," the album's first single, Fab Pitt recreates scenes from Christopher Walken's classic 1990 crime drama "King of New York." And when The Young OG Project actually drops, Loso promises even more nods to his favorite era.

In anticipation of the album, MTV News sat with Fab to talk about the 1990s, reminiscing over our favorite fashions, movies, television shows and video games.

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