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'Laguna Beach' Lovers Unite: Announcing The Hot New MTV Series 'Siesta Key'

Looks like 'Siesta Key' might make summer a little hotter...

Raise your glasses, Laguna Beach loyalists: MTV has a new summer soap coming from the producers of the hit 2004 reality series that shot the likes of Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari to insta-fame.

Set off the Gulf of Mexico in the small yet stunning coastal city of Siesta Key, Florida, Siesta Key will feature a group of young friends who have returned to their beautiful beach-side hometown for the summer. While the cinematically-shot docuseries (debuting on July 31) is set in the Southeast sans any Cavallari-Colletti-Conrad love triangle, it promises the usual subjects that made Laguna Beach our early-2000s guilty pleasure: Love, heartache and the ultimate contender in coming-of-age angst — betrayal.

Not to mention, the cast is ridiculously good-looking. Don't believe us? Watch the sizzling first look below.

Be sure to stay with MTV News for more details and a special glimpse inside this picturesque paradise -- and check out the video above to see what's to come on Siesta Key before it debuts on Monday, July 31 at 10/9c! And for more on the show, follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!