2 Chainz Brings 'The Entree Home' After A First Date

'Spend It' MC also hits the gym with MTV News' Rya Backer, joking, 'You've got to work before you get this.'

2 Chainz (a.k.a. Tity Boi, a.k.a. half of College Park's Playaz Circle) may have been making headlines in recent days because of his recent [article id="1678350"]signing to Def Jam[/article]. But on the same day that news leaked regarding his major-label love, Mr. Chainz was doing some partnering of a different kind: a First Date with yours truly.

As he says on his breakout hit "Spend It," a Chainz "girl don't have a stomach." So off we went to a nearby New York Sports Club to whip me into ideal physical condition for Chainz's affections. But during our time together, I learned that it would take so much more than just washboard abs for the Atlanta MC to take a girl seriously.

"You've got to work before you get this," he said, pointing at himself. Frankly, ladies, between his charm and his disarming kindness -- 2 Chainz is well worth the effort.

And as I learned on our date, if you're fortunate enough to be in his company, you have to be prepared for a mouthful ... of a meal.

"I like to eat nice food," the rapper revealed of his ideal first date, citing a taste for crustaceans and, in particular, lobster as his meal of choice. "I'm into getting full off appetizers and bringing the entrée home."

But don't get too comfortable, ladies. Always working, Chainz has a limit on just how much date he'll endure: "I'm not into dinner and a movie that much for the simple fact that it just takes time out of my schedule."

Apparently, withstanding the temptations of the fairer sex has been paying off, literally, for Chainz. Asked about his hobbies, he deadpanned "counting money." Sure, he was being sarcastic, but if he keeps up this love affair with America, counting cash can't be too far off.

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