Marilyn Manson To Present At Disinfo.Con 2000

Marilyn Manson has withdrawn from the public eye in order to complete work on a new album, but the mercurial rocker apparently plans to resurface in order to take part in next week's Disinfo.Con 2000, being held in New York City.

The convention, slated for February 19 at the Hammerstein Ballroom, is being organized by the Disinformation Company, a group that administers the web site, dedicated to disseminating alternative information and theories about current events and happenings.

Manson won't actually be traveling to NYC for Disinfo.Con 200, and will instead participate via a satellite presentation. Other guests scheduled to appear at the con include "Hollywood Babylon" author Kenneth Anger, visual effects pioneer Michael Backes, cyberculture guru RU Sirius, and conspiriologist Robert Anton Wilson.

Disinfo.Con 2000 will also feature what's being billed as a "Conspiracy Theory Roundtable," as Kenn Thomas, Robert Sterling, Greg Bishop, and Jodi

Dean will discuss some of the intrigue behind the stories and current events making headlines.

Aside from the convention and its Web presence, the Disinformation Company has also produced a six-episode TV series that aired on Channel 4 in the U.K. last month. For more information about tickets and panelists for Disinfo.Con 2000, check out the convention's official site at

In December, Manson announced that he was forgoing all public appearances and interviews to record his new LP, titled "In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death," and that his Web site would be his "only contact with humanity.

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