Simple Plan: The Laziest Road Warriors In The Business

'Not a note, not a word of new music has been written. Is that pathetic?' says frontman Pierre Bouvier.

Some bands pride themselves on their work ethic: On their ability to press on through hardships, to log mile upon mile in a cramped van, and to grind out album after album in the face of uncountable adversities.

Simple Plan are not one of those bands.

Don't get us wrong, it's not like they've been taking it easy. Since their sophomore album, Still Not Getting Any, hit stores last October, they've played gigs the world over (with trips to Japan, England, Australia and China in the coming weeks) and cranked out three hit singles and videos, including their newest, the MADD-endorsed clip for "Untitled" (see [article id="1501406"]"Simple Plan Team Up With MADD For Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign"[/article]).

But while most bands will use the downtime between gigs and spare moments on the set of video shoots to start writing new tunes, Simple Plan are busy doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

"Yeah, we've got nothing done -- totally nothing. Not a note, not a word of new music has been written. Is that pathetic?" SP frontman Pierre Bouvier laughed. "We're the kind of band that works hard when it's time to work hard, and then relax when it's time to relax. Writing on the road is difficult, and for us, we're the kind of band that needs a deadline. We need someone to tell us, 'The record's due in a month.' And then we'll get working."

Well, he's got some time then. Bouvier estimates that fans can expect a new Simple Plan album in stores sometime next summer, and in the meantime there's still the matter of touring in support of Getting Any, which has sold more than 1.2 million copies in the U.S. alone. Before they head to Australia (or China, for that matter), they've got a date with the Warped Tour. Starting on Friday (July 15), they'll play three days on the tour, and they'll be familiar days: After all, they've been a Warped fixture for years.

"Me and [drummer] Chuck [Comeau] and [bassist] Dave [Desrosiers] used to be in a band called Reset back in the day, and we played the Montreal stop of Warped back in 1997. We've been playing or going to Warped for like eight years now," Bouvier said. "This year, it'll be different, though. The first year we played, I remember walking around with a CD player and a headset, begging people to [come see us play]. I think we got 200 people or something like that."

Plans call for one more single to be released from Getting Any, the tune "Crazy." The band is even poring over video treatments, which are Comeau's specialty, sometimes to Bouvier's chagrin (see [article id="1496304"]"Simple Plan Singer Rates His Acting Debut: 'Eh, It's OK' "[/article]).

"He's got some ideas brewing in his head. But the song's about things in the world that we think are screwed up, and about people acting weird," Bouvier said. "We'll see though. Like I said, we've got to tour, so we're not really thinking about much else. But it should be cool."

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