Let's Relive 'Real World''s Most Memorable Love Connections

It's the series' 25th anniversary -- and we're celebrating with a trip down memory lane

For 25 years, Real World has brought people together -- in friendship, conflict and the boudoir.

Romance between cast members has been a focal point on the series -- whether it was a night of fun that will live in infamy (like the Real World: Miami shower sitch) or holy matrimony (OG couple Pam and Judd from Real World: San Francisco deserve a special mention). And yes, children!

Relive the most unforgettable RW threesomes hookups -- and share your favorite love-themed incidents in the comments below! And be sure to stay with MTV News for more anniversary coverage.

Pam and Judd from Real World: San Francisco


The Fog City staples were just friends when they were residing near crooked, curvy Lombard Street -- but they deserve a shout-out because they are the only successful same-season (starting off as strangers) Real World love story to date. Cheers to the Winicks -- and their kids!

Mike, Melissa and the waitress from Real World: Miami

Flora tried her damnedest to get a glimpse of exactly what went down in the shower -- even shoving herself through the window. But those groans...

Colin and Amaya from Real World: Hawaii


Even though the Aloha State-based duo's flirty behavior didn't last long, we owe 'em major props because they were the earliest "real" romance to emerge in front of viewers' eyes on the docu-series. Ahhh, memories of when they shared his bunk bed while his roommate Justin slept below...

Trishelle, Steven and Brynn from Real World: Las Vegas

"Honestly, I'm innocent," Trishelle uttered after she got *close* to her fellow Nevada transplants in their hot tub. It was a one-time event -- but the literal late-night steam fest will never be forgotten.

Alton and Irulan from Real World: Las Vegas


The Big Apple native couldn't fight her feelings for the then-22-year-old, even though she had a boyfriend Gabe. Eventually she cut ties with her longtime love -- and it was the official beginning of Alton and Irulan as a couple (and no longer living in sin, pun intended). The two were together for several years (remember them on The Gauntlet?) before parting ways for good.

Danny and Melinda from Real World: Austin


The Bostonian may have jokingly asked for the Midwesterner's hand in marriage the first night in the Lone Star State -- but the two eventually got married after he proposed in a horse-drawn carriage in Central Park post Real World. Unfortunately, their journey as husband and wife did not last and they divorced, but they did briefly reunite platonically as Battle of the Seasons teammates back in 2012.

Wes and Johanna from Real World: Austin

Famous last words, courtesy of the Brazilian beauty: "We live together, we might as well make out together." Oh, and they did -- until they ended their romance several years post-Texas time (oh that tense reunion on The Ruins).

Alex and Colie/Jenn from Real World: Denver

A RW first: Kissing two roomies in one evening. Way to go, Alex. From there, he continued to swap spit with both ladies -- until each connection fizzled in the Colorado capital.

Jemmye and Knight from The Real World: New Orleans

The Big Easy buddies quickly forged a romantic connection (Mardi Gras helped a tiny bit) and continued their romance after they "stopped being polite" in their Louisiana quarters. Even though they ultimately ended their relationship, the two kept in contact (and were on Battle of the Seasons, Rivals 2 and Battle of the Exes 2 together) before Knight's death in November 2014.

Heather and Dustin from Real World: Las Vegas


The bubbly gal made it crystal clear she didn't want to get sexually involved with a roommate, but during EPISODE 1 (wasting no time!), she shared a smooch with the Southern gent. Sure, their union hit a few snags (like Dustin's gay porn past being exposed) -- but they dated for several years post RW and appeared on Battle of the Exes and Couples Therapy.

Johnny and Averey from Real World: Portland

The sparks were really flying between the temporary Oregonians -- handcuffs, getting it on in the bathroom (at work), etc. etc. But sometimes good sex things must come to an end (enter past lovers status as partners on Battle of the Exes 2).

Jenny and Corey from Real World: Ex-Plosion

The duo's former lovers entering the San Fran fray certainly impacted their friends with benefits status (which they discussed above). But both of them wearing bear masks in the confessional and growing close -- that was fun.

Madison and Tony from Real World: Skeletons

Tadison may not have gone the distance after leaving the Windy City (they broke up and reconciled while residing under the same roof), but the couple welcomed a beautiful daughter named Harper last February.

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