Lady Gaga Offers 'Alejandro' Video Sneak Peek On 'Larry King Live'

'It is a celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community,' she tells King of the clip.

While [article id="1640437"]Lady Gaga's interview with Larry King[/article] on his show Tuesday (June 1) covered many topics -- her fame, her health, her fans, etc. -- the clear highlight was the very brief snippet shown from her new video for "Alejandro," the third single from her 2009 album The Fame Monster. The clip was directed by fashion photographer Steven Klein, whose credits include a short film for Madonna's D&G sunglasses ad campaign and the Brangelina W photo shoot.

Dressed in a silvery white button-down dress shirt with black suspenders (a cheeky nod to the veteran CNN newsman), dark round sunglasses and her hair in a short blond bob, Gaga told King via satellite from London's O2 arena that the video has a "homoerotic military theme" and will premiere very soon. "It is a celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community, my admiration of their bravery, their love for one another and their courage in their relationships."

The clip depicts Gaga's trademark theatrical gloss. It appears to be all in black-and-white, with Gaga and her dancers doing variations on a sharp military march throughout. From what little we saw, it seemed reminiscent of Madonna's "Vogue" video, but where Madonna's movements were soft, fluid and more feminine, in Gaga's "Alejandro," the style is more cutting, masculine and militant.

Speaking of the video's aforementioned homoerotic theme, King asked Gaga why she thinks the gay community has embraced her so wholeheartedly and vice versa. "I can speak for myself in that my admiration comes from an incredibly steadfast and joyful courage and bravery they have for one another and their community," she said. "To be gay and live openly in this society requires tremendous strength. ... I admire it and envy it in some ways. It's something that, as a woman, I don't always wholeheartedly possess."

King then brought up her bisexuality and pointedly asked how she deals with it. "I deal with it just fine," she said coyly. "I'm looking for love just like everyone else. ... Right now, love is in the form of my fans. I'm passionately only serving them."

Gaga's love for her fans prompted her to reveal to King that her [article id="1640472"]highly anticipated next album[/article] will not be out this Christmas, as has been reported, because she wants "to give it some time." While careful not to reveal too many juicy details, Gaga also said it will be an "anthem for the new decade" inspired by her newfound understanding and love for her fans.

Are you looking forward to the full "Alejandro" video? What do you expect from the clip? Let us know in the comments!

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