Lady Gaga Performs New Version Of 'You And I' On 'Oprah'

Gaga played a 'high-heel' piano on Thursday's episode to delight of fellow guest Johnny Depp.

Leave it to [artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] to say good-bye to Oprah Winfrey in the most over-the-top possible way. Gaga appeared on Thursday's episode (May 5) of Winfrey's show (which also featured Johnny Depp) and put on nothing less than a spectacle.

Sitting atop a very high stool, Gaga -- in a red leather blazer, floppy mask-like hat and see-through leopard bodysuit -- played a piano made out of a wire high-heel structure. She began with an acoustic, piano-driven version of "Born This Way," and then removed the hat as a synth kicked in for a less organic version of [article id="1661724"]"You and I."[/article]

This version was more amped up than the one she usually plays in concert, complete with electric guitar and Oprah shout-outs. "We got a whole lot of money, but still pay rent/ 'Cause you can't buy a house in Heaven/ There's only three men I served my whole life/ It's my dad and Nebraska and Jesus Christ," she sang, debuting some new "You and I" lyrics.

The performance seemed to please Depp, who was sitting next to Oprah clapping as Gaga performed. After she was done, she got off the stool and shared, "We designed the outfit, but my sister, who's 19 years old, she's a fashion student and she created this structure of a high heel and I made it into a piano, so surprise!"

Gaga later tweeted about the latest version of "You And I," saying that it would be included on Born This Way, set to drop on May 23. "I performed on OPRAH today the album Version of Yoü and I," she wrote. "Also performed by [article id="1663304"]Haley on AmericanIdol[/article] last night!"

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