Diem Brown To Be Honored In Upcoming MTV Special

In anticipation of 'We <3 Diem,' we're looking back at her legendary 'Challenge' appearances.

Diem Brown was undoubtedly one of the fiercest competitors in "Challenge" history: During her seven appearances on the hit MTV series, the charming Georgia native attacked each mission, no matter how difficult or daunting, with her undeniable athleticism and true resolve. It was the very same fighting attitude the Medgift founder displayed throughout her numerous battles with cancer.

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To honor the warrior competitor, who died last week, MTV will air an upcoming special called "We <3 Diem" on Tuesday, December 9.


"We've followed her through her unwavering attempts to win a Challenge and her infamous on/off relationship with longtime love CT, while simultaneously combating her disease off-camera," the network said in a statement obtained by People. "In 'We <3 Diem,' we look back at Diem's powerful journey, giving tribute to her perseverance and strength through it all."

Now, before "We <3 Diem" and for Throwback Thursday, we're taking a look back at her tremendous years on the "Challenge" circuit:

Fresh Meat


Our introduction to the lovable dancing fiend was when she was paired with Derrick as a wide-eyed newbie among a slew of vets. D and D were a dominant force throughout the competitions but fell shy of making it to the finals, placing a strong fourth. We also watched the then-25-year-old reveal to her partner that, after their time in Australia, she would begin treatments for ovarian cancer.

The Duel

Jason Campbell

Diem Duel

Shortly after chemotherapy, as well as surgery to remove an ovary, D was officially in remission and headed to Brazil. The season featured some unforgettable footage, including the poignant moment when Diem removed her wig for a challenge, as well as the beginning of her budding romance with eventual longtime love CT. Although she didn't make it to the final mission -- again coming in fourth after losing to Aneesa -- Diem's performance was the stuff made of athletic legends.

The Gauntlet III


Diem, as well as then-boyfriend CT, triumphed throughout and made it all the way to the finals. But victory wasn't in the cards for the gal with the signature hair flip: The Veterans lost to the Rookies.

The Duel II


With her romance with CT in the past -- who could forget their fiery arguments? -- Diem experienced some sweet personal redemption when she reversed her own elimination-round curse against Jenn. But, AGAIN, she took the fourth-place spot.

The Ruins


Unfortunately, the brunette beauty's time in Thailand was cut very short: She was taken out by Tonya in the very first challenge.

Battle Of The Exes

Rene Cervantes


After a brief hiatus, Diem returned to compete alongside her erstwhile beau. There were certainly some awkward moments between the former couple, but they were able to put their differences aside and got thisclose to nabbing the top crown.

Rivals II

Diem Aneesa

Diem courageously returned to compete, with partner Aneesa, right after completing treatments for her second cancer diagnosis. The team put their "Duel" feelings aside and performed solidly throughout, finishing in fourth place.

+ What was your favorite Diem "Challenge" season and moment? Share your memories below, and be sure to watch "We <3 Diem" on December 9 at 9/8c.