'Spider-Man' Is James Cameron's Only Superhero Ambition

James Cameron may have spearheaded "Aquaman" on the HBO series "Entourage," but the "Avatar" filmmaker isn't likely to dive into any other superhero properties. According to Cameron, there's only one spandex-clad hero that's ever tickled his fancy: your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

"Spider-Man was the only one I ever wanted to do," Cameron told MTV News. "I wasn't really personally that driven to do a superhero movie per se, but I wanted to do Spider-Man because he was my guy when I was 14."

With director Sam Raimi attached to "Spider-Man 4," it's unlikely that a Cameron-helmed outing will happen anytime soon. Still, there are plenty of superheroes out there that the acclaimed "Aliens" and "Terminator" director could get involved with -- but according to Cameron's crude breakdown, you shouldn't get your hopes up.

"Spider-Man was the s--- and everybody else sucked," he said of his feelings on superheroes. "Even though I admire some of the other films, I don't feel the need to jump on that bandwagon."

Sounds like an actual Cameron-directed "Aquaman" movie is swimming with the fishes. In fact, the director's closing comments on the superhero genre could be confused as a thinly veiled dig against the film within a television series: "The bottom fish are the ones that haven't been done yet."

Given the buzz surrounding "Avatar," would you be interested in a Cameron-helmed "Spider-Man" film? Are there other superheroes that the director is particularly suited for? Give us your feedback in the comments!

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