Bo Knows Bar Fights: Bice Allegedly Scuffles With Ex-NFL Player

Former 'Idol' finalist punched ex-New York Giant star Glenn Parker, according to bar manager.

We could make a joke about picking on someone your own size. Or even crack wise about how in New York recently, Bo Bice almost punched a one-way ticket to the "Valley of Angels" he sings about on his debut album.

Hell, we could even come up with some clever play on words, like Bo Versus the Volcano. But here's the thing: Even we don't think it's that funny that the former "American Idol" runner-up allegedly picked a fight with a 6-foot-5-inch, 300-pound former NFL lineman at O'Brien's Bar & Grill.

According to bar manager Cormack, a tipsy Bice was sitting at the bar Sunday night a few stools down from ex-New York Giants player and 12-year NFL veteran Glenn Parker, 39, who at some point leaned over and asked the singer if he was the Bo Bice from "Idol."

Cormack said Bice denied his identity and said his name was Kevin. A short time later, "Glenn came over to apologize to him and [Bice] had a go at 'im," Cormack said. "Glenn caught him and didn't swing back and I tried to separate them and as I was getting him off Glenn, he caught Glenn on the chin.

"Glenn's a big man and he never laid a hand on him. I have no idea why [Bice] acted that way, but Glenn could have really hurt him."

A spokesperson for Bice had no comment on the incident at press time.

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