Britney Spears Falls Hard For A Womanizer In 'Perfume' Video: Watch

'Had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one,' pop star says of dramatic new clip.

Britney Spears tries to mark her man with one of her signature scents in her video for "Perfume," but it looks like she's having a hard time yanking him away from the other woman.

On Tuesday (December 10), the pop star released the video for her latest single off Britney Jean, and she's deep in a love triangle in the clip. Directed by "Toxic" helmer Joseph Kahn, it features the femme fatale at her most vulnerable, trying to win the affections of her sexy onscreen love interest -- played by model Alexander Kjellevik -- who's really nothing more than a "womanizer" (Kahn also directed that video!)

So excited to share the #PerfumeVideoPremiere w u all: @VEVO

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears) December 10, 2013

Spears and her boyfriend appear to be having a good time, laughing while walking down the street together, going for late night swims and sitting on rooftops with each another, much like she did back in 1999 in the video for "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart." But in other scenes, Britney dons a plaid shirt and lacy white bran and undies as she lies in bed reflecting alongside the boy she suspects is cheating on her.

Her worst fears are confirmed when Brit reads a text from another girl, Cindy, who it turns out has been getting all the same sweet gestures from Britney's boyfriend. He's even re-gifted her with a ring that Britney is seen giving him in an earlier scene. The video closes out with Spears all alone while her lover and his other girlfriend are standing in a kitchen together.

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"Perfume" is probably one of Spears' most theatrical video performances in years. She's previously out her acting skills on display in clips for "Lucky" and "Everytime." Prior to the release, she tweeted, "Had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one!"

Had to dig deep and really play with some acting chops for this one!

— Britney Spears (@britneyspears) December 8, 2013

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