These Clown Sighting Photos Will Give You Nightmares

Not scared of clowns yet? You will be.

Halloween came early this year for the poor citizens of Bakersfield, California. That’s because there is some bizarre, terrifying, “American Horror Story”-level ish going down there that makes Twisty the Clown look like an amateur.

Welcome to -- OH MY GOD.

Top that, Twisty.

[image src="wp-attachment://1960892" title="twisty-gif" alt="twisty-gif"]

Bakersfield police have been receiving multiple reports recently about creepy clowns hanging out in public places. It all started when the Instagram account @wascoclown popped up last week, posting pics of a red-haired menace lurking about town, clutching balloons and generally being super-super-super-disturbing.

Wasco chills on a bench, appearing neither fast nor friendly.

Since the account popped up, police say they’ve responded to a bunch of calls complaining about clowns armed with weapons like bats and axes. However, they haven’t found any substantial proof of criminal activity, and they’re chalking it all up to pranks.

Wasco climbs a lamp post and ascends into our nightmares.

As for the Wasco Clown, local Bakersfield news station KGET scored an interview with the miscreant, who requested anonymity and explained the whole charade is part of a year-long photography project that his wife is doing.

Hmm... Sounds suspicious, but if Miley Cyrus can create entire installations out of junk that looks like it came straight from the Chuck E. Cheese's prize counter, then maybe anyone really can do anything for the sake of art.

Wasco hangs out on a playground, scarring children for life.

Still, it looks like the Wasco Clown’s influence is already spreading fast.

A 14-year-old boy in Bakersfield was arrested Thursday for dressing up as a clown and menacing little kids. According to police, the culprit admitted his guilt and explained he got the idea from a hoax he’d seen online.

WTF, Wasco?!

All in all, this is one of the most terrifying stories we’ve come across recently, and we apologize in advance for ruining your dreams tonight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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