Lil' Kim Declares 'It's Time For The Black Kardashian' In Her Reality Show Trailer

Ready to tune in?

The Lil' Kim reality show you've wanted in your life is almost here.

"It's time for the black Kardashian," the Queen Bee says with a smile at the beginning of the trailer for her new series. The minute-and-a-half clip gives us a preview into what that might mean, according to Kim.

"My friends say that I'm hilarious," she says early on, before the video cuts to a scene of her cracking a joke and laughing.

She also says she's "pulling out all the stops for her new album" and getting ready to launch a new label. Plus, "Puffy is back in my life," she announces, before the preview cuts to a scene of Kim and Puff at a club.

Besides the music, the Brooklyn native boasts about her friendships with clothing designers Marc Jacobs and the late Alexander McQueen, before teasing, "I'm so looking forward to my clothing line."

There's also an indication that fans will get to see Kim The Mom, less than a year after she gave birth to daughter Royal Reign.

The preview doesn't give much info about exactly when the show will premiere -- it just says "coming soon 2015" -- nor the exact title or where it'll air. But that's not undercutting her excitement.

"I'm gonna take you guys on that journey with me and I'm so excited about that," Kim promises.