Hallelujah the Hills Fess Up on "Confessions of an Ex-Ghost"

Next week, Massachusetts indie-rock staples Hallelujah the Hills are releasing a rarities compilation titled Portrait of the Artist as a Young Trashcan. But it's not just old stuff finally finding the light; there's a handful of brand-new tracks, such as the peppy "Confessions of an Ex-Ghost."

"I always love movies, books and soap-operas when people faked their own death but then come back," says Hallelujah the Hills' Ryan Walsh. "The scenario just comes with all this drama and stakes built into it. In this instance our hero is 'back' to find his true love who he's hoping has not moved on due to his absence and/or death." Spooky, yet potentially redemptive!

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Trashcan is out May 7 on Discrete Pageantry Records. Stream "Confessions of an Ex-Ghost" below: 

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