Jacob Whitesides Has Girlfriend Bea Miller To Thank For Inspiring His New EP

'She's my best critic,' Jacob told us.

Jacob Whitesides may only be 17, but the rising singer/songwriter certainly knows a thing or two about love... just listen to his music.

It doesn't hurt that he's also got a pretty great muse in the form of his girlfriend, fellow singer and former "X Factor" contestant Bea Miller.

Jacob, an MTV Artist To Watch, just released his brand new EP, Faces On Film, six tracks that offer an inside glimpse into their relationship.

"I just recently got into a relationship with my current girlfriend, Bea Miller, and so I've felt lots of different emotions that I've never felt before," Jacob told us. "I talk about that, the struggles of being in a long distance relationship with another artist."

Jacob's inspirations are Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice, and you can certainly hear the influence of those artists on the EP. Whitesides is developing into a strong lyricist and guitar player, plus he's pretty gifted at tugging on the heart strings.

The lead single off Jacob's EP is "Secrets," which was actually inspired about a FaceTime conversation with his "Fire N Gold" girlfriend.

"We kind of just stayed up all night talking about secrets and opening up about stupid random stuff," he revealed. "And the next day I came into the writing session like half asleep and dying, and they asked me why I was so sleepy, and we kind of started talking about the conversations and we wrote 'Secrets.'"

Bea doesn't seem to mind that most of Jacob's songs are about their relationship; in fact, he makes sure they get her seal of approval first.

"I always send all of my songs to her. She's my best critic, because I can send her the dumbest song and she'll tell me it's amazing," he said. "I need that, I need someone to kiss my ass... even though the songs are about her, she always gives me food feedback regardless."

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