Harrison Ford Just Became The Highest-Grossing Actor In Hollywood

So long, Samuel L. Jackson.

If you’re looking to become the biggest-earning actor in all of Hollywood, you’d better have a plan to star in at least one "Star Wars" trilogy.

Harrison Ford, who just reprised his role as Han Solo in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” just overtook Samuel L. Jackson as the top-grossing actor in Hollywood. “The Force Awakens” shattered box office records and also became Ford’s top-grossing film to date, beating out all three of the original "Star Wars" films.

Of course, having those movies under his belt doesn’t hurt. According to Box Office Mojo, Ford’s career has generated $4.7 billion across 41 film roles. That averages out to about $115 million per movie, though “The Force Awakens” saw him grossing $781.1 million alone.

Samuel L. Jackson is still in second place, having grossed $4.6 billion across 68 movies. Looks like Mace Windu will have to make a return to the Star Wars universe if he’s ever going to reclaim that top spot.

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