Was Jenna Wrong To Tell Her 'Awkward' Tale About Matty?

Her story for IdeaBin won raves -- but left him 'destroyed'

When it comes to breakups, division of assets is a necessary evil: He gets the photo album, she gets the books. But when two people officially become exes, who gets the rights to the couple’s story?

On tonight’s Awkward episode, Jenna began to panic when her fellowship at IdeaBin began to slip through her fingers. Though her potential as a writer was clear, she hadn’t yet managed to land a piece on the home page and quickly got the impression that if she didn’t step up her game, she was headed for the unemployment line (or whatever the nonpaid equivalent is).

So she did what felt most natural -- she reached into her soul for the rawest, freshest story she could think of, and when she realized the unraveling of her relationship with Matty made for great fodder, she found the words began pouring out. Still, she made sure to use a pseudonym to protect his identity. She’d finally landed back in his good graces after a massive fallout and didn’t want to risk pissing him off.

After anxious submission, Jenna was delighted to find at Jake’s surprise party that her editors loved her piece and that it had quickly gone viral. The only problem? Some of her words got twisted during edits, and while the sentiment remained mostly the same, the new headline seemed bitter and biting. And, as the piece made its way around the web, it eventually got to Matty, who couldn’t hide his hurt.


“I’m not like you, Jenna -- I don’t want everybody to know my business,” he barked, close to tears. “I was destroyed.”

Jenna pleaded her case but it seemed too late, and Matty stormed off with Sully. But did Jenna really cross any lines?

What do you think -- did Jenna have a right to share her story about Matty, especially when she took the necessary precautions to protect his identity? Or should she have never even considered telling the tale of their breakup out of loyalty to her friend, especially when it took them so long to finally land back in a good place? Share your thoughts, and see if these two can recover next Tuesday night at 10/9c!