Lil' Kim Found Guilty Of Lying To Grand Jury, Investigators

Rapper faces up to 20 years on perjury, conspiracy charges.

Lil' Kim was convicted Thursday (March 17) on charges of perjury and conspiracy for lying to investigators and to a federal grand jury about her involvement in a shooting four years ago at New York hip-hop station Hot 97.

The rapper, born Kimberly Jones, shook her head when the verdict was read. Jones had claimed she had no knowledge of what caused the February 25, 2001, gunfight that left one man shot in the back (see [article id="1486360"]"Lil' Kim Indicted For Lying About Hot 97 Shootout With Capone"[/article]).

Jones had also said her co-manager Damion Butler was not with her at the time, but security-camera footage later proved the opposite, and she claimed she couldn't ID a photo of another man believed to be involved, though that turned out to be Suif "Gutta" Jackson, a member of her former group Junior M.A.F.I.A.

Both Butler and Jackson later confessed to firing on rap group Capone-N-Noreaga and pleaded guilty to gun charges as part of a plea bargain (see [article id="1497685"]"Lil' Kim's Ex-Manager To Testify Against Her In Perjury Case"[/article]). Other members of Junior M.A.F.I.A., including Antoine "Banger" Spain and James "Lil' Cease" Lloyd, also testified they saw Butler and Jackson with Jones.

During the course of the trial, Jones insisted that she was innocent (see [article id="1498004"]"Lil' Kim Takes Stand In Perjury Case, Says She's A Victim"[/article]). "This case is about me not being able to positively identify an unclear photograph and not seeing my former co-manager Damion Butler at the scene, which was a traumatic event that happened almost two and a half years prior to me being questioned," she said in a statement on March 9.

Though convicted of perjury and conspiracy, Jones was acquitted of obstruction of justice. She faces up to 20 years in prison for the charges -- five years on each of the three counts of perjury and the one count of conspiracy. Sentencing is set for June 24.

"I am disappointed in the verdict," Jones said in a statement Thursday. "However, I was acquitted of the most serious charge, obstruction of justice. Throughout my life, I have always lived with adversity and will continue to have faith and do good for my family, friends and fans."

[This story was originally published at 5:23 p.m. ET on 03.17.2005]

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