7 Facts You Didn't Know About Selena Gomez's 'Same Old Love' Video

Director Michael Haussman tells MTV News how the video came together.

Selena Gomez's "Same Old Love" video follows the singer rolling through the city in a raindrop-speckled car, observing life from safely inside. But after watching life go on around her, she's ready to immerse herself in the human experience, so she ditches the car, which continues on to her concert empty. Don't worry though, after drifting around city streets and a nightclub -- something that she wouldn't get to do in real life without fans and paparazzi smothering her -- she runs back to the venue on foot to make it to her concert on time.

For the fans who got the first look of the video at Gomez's Revival album event in L.A. last week, that's where they thought it ended. But little did they know that Selena would come out for a surprise performance, and their reactions would be filmed for the end of the video, released on Tuesday.

We got on the phone with Michael Haussman, who directed "Same Old Love" -- along with Justin Timberlake's "SexyBack," Madonna's "Take A Bow," Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" and more -- to get the behind-the-scenes stories that went into the carefully crafted visual.

Here a seven facts you might not have known about the "Same Old Love" video:

Selena was originally going to stay in the car the whole time.


Selena Gomez

"The first time I wrote it, I wrote it that she was in the car the whole time," Haussman said, then explaining why he changed his mind. "And to me there seemed to be an elitist disconnect from the world if she did that. ... There’s a certain moment when she disconnects and she gets out of the car just to have her own space -- to walk, to move, to rub against people, you know."

It was inspired by Tony Bennett.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

SeriousFun Children'

Jazz legend Tony Bennet used to walk to his concerts, so Haussman thought he would have Selena do the same.

"I remember when Tony Bennett -- his daughter and I were friends in New York -- was giving a show at Radio City and he was leaving and said, 'You guys can take the car.' And we were like 'What?! What do you mean take the car?' He always walked to his shows, just walk through the door, and he’d never take the car. That always stuck in my head too."

It was supposed to be two parts.

To Haussman, the first part of the video would end at the inhale that Selena takes as she steps up to the microphone. He thought the second part would be released separately, as a bonus performance, but he liked how it turned out. He started the film editing, but then had to travel to Europe for work, so the final cut was finished in America.

"What started as a way just to get people to come in [to shoot the video] became, 'Let’s just finish the last chorus.' If it’s going to be people [as extras], let’s not just do people, let’s have fans. And if it’s fans, let’s have them come to see something. You know how things work and they just kind of snowball into something."

The performance shots were filmed ahead of time.


Selena Gomez

Haussman's team filmed only the audience's reaction the day of the live event. But he was sure to get plenty of onstage close-ups the day before so they wouldn't get in the fans' way.

"On [Revival event] day, funny enough, there’s nothing I can do," he said. "I can’t direct a live event, you know what I mean? What happens is going to happen."

The stage curtain is supposed to resemble the car window.


Selena Gomez

Haussman made sure the live event also captured the feel of the video, recreating some of the earlier elements onstage.

"The back drop on the stage was all sequins so it kind of felt like the raindrops on the window so it was out of focus, you know, colors and things like that. Amber colors."

Selena's inspiration is shared human experience.


Same Old Love

"I think that her inspiration is kind of seeing that and all of humanity and feel like, 'OK, I’m not the only one,'" Haussman said. "I think we always get some kind of solace out sharing the experience. I know I have. Like if I ever had a split-up and it was heart-wrenching, to hear other people telling me about theirs, I always feel so much better."

Selena's acting background makes everything easier -- just like Justin Timberlake.


The director said that working with Gomez was easy because of her acting talents. She hit every mark.

"I think she has a stronger discipline than others," he said, comparing her to Timberlake and their Disney come-up. "It’s funny because Justin was also part of that Disney clan, but a couple of generations after or earlier. Yeah, man, all of those guys have such strong discipline when it comes to acting and stage presence. They’re always on top."