'NSYNC Reunion: The Gang Returns For The 2013 VMAs

The boy band performed in honor of Justin Timberlake's Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award win.

In what is sure to be the reunion heard 'round the world, 'N Sync appeared on stage at the 2013 Video Music Awards as part of Justin Timberlake's career-spanning performance in honor of his Michael Jackson Vanguard Award win.

In the midst of a massive performance encompassing JT's entire canon, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and JC Chasez rose from the floor in smoky silhouette, appearing alongside Timberlake to perform "Girlfriend" and "Bye Bye Bye." Taylor Swift looked faint. Lady Gaga undulated in her clamshell bra. The crowd, as a whole, erupted into applause. And, after performing snippets of the two jams, the quartet retreated back into the shadows.

The last time 'N Sync appeared on the VMAs was 2001, when Michael Jackson joined the boys on stage for a performance of "Pop."

Your Complete Guide To The Resurrection Of 'NSYNC

Rumors of an 'N Sync reunion have been swirling for a week now, with the likes of Joey Fatone's father, Joseph Fatone, confirming that the show, would indeed, go on. "I couldn't even say why he's doing it though," Fatone told Radar Online. "Why, at this point in his life. Now he's his own man."

The band, which has been broken up for more than 10 years, also joined Twitter Saturday (August 24), quickly amassing more than 100,000 followers after a single tweet: "Mic check, mic check one.. two... is this thing on?!" The now-defunct act's foray into social media only added more grist to the rumor mill.

Since 'N Sync broke up, Fatone has appeared in a series of movies and TV shows, including VMA-nominated singer Miley Cyrus's Hannah Montana. Lance Bass hosts a radio show called "Dirty Pop" among other projects, JC Chasez is working with Girl Radical, a new 12-member girl group and Chris Kirkpatrick appeared on CMT's reality show "Gone Country."

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