Jennifer Lopez And Iggy Azalea Closed Out The AMAs With A Full-On 'Booty' Parade, Complete With A Stripper Pole

Two booties are better than one.

Even Pitbull, who hosted and performed at the 2014 American Music Awards, couldn't contain his excitement for Jennifer Lopez's highly anticipated performance of "Booty," featuring Iggy Azalea. He'd referenced it more than once during the show -- and J.Lo certainly didn't disappoint.

If you've seen the "Booty" video then you already knew that this would be a provocative set, which began with a countdown in the dark. J.Lo was nowhere to be see until she held a lighter flame up to her face, and then things really got going.

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The strobe light pulsed, finding J. Lo in a variety of ultra sexy poses -- by the way, she must be excellent at yoga -- before she began to fully shake her assets.

After setting off the performance in her own solitary cube, Lopez slid down a stripper pole to join Iggy Azalea below, so they could get to grinding on each other. Still, she was only getting warmed up.

2014 American Music Awards - Show

After Iggy's verse, J.Lo slipped into a sparkly red get-up and lined up with her dancers for a full on, salsa-inspired dance breakout. She only paused to check a phone call -- it was a "booty call" from (ahem) Big D -- and got right back into it.

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If you'd forgotten how hard J.Lo can work it a stage, her AMA performance is all you need to see. Watch it in the video above.

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