Stephen Amell Was Head-Butted By An 'Arrow' Fan

And you thought Oliver Queen had a tough life

Stephen Amell may kick ass on Arrow every week, but that doesn’t mean he wants to fight IRL.

On Sunday (November 13), Amell shared a shocking story on Instagram about one fan’s unorthodox way of greeting the TV superhero. Out of nowhere, the fan head-butted Amell because he “want[ed] to fight the Green Arrow.” Umm, what.

Instead of knocking the guy back, Amell took the high road, choosing to shake the fan’s hand and politely decline his bizarre offer. Amell said he did this “because [he’s] a father and a husband,” then added, “pretty manly if you ask me.” We agree.

Though he appears to be fine after the altercation, you can see a small scratch and bruise on Amell’s nose, presumably from the head-butter. Seriously, guys. WHAT?! Next time you meet celebrities, please — for the love of god — don’t head-butt them.