'Captain America' Is For The Ladies Too, Stars Say

'We do a really good job establishing a romance,' Chris Evans offers as a reason female moviegoers should check out 'The First Avenger.'

Generally speaking, a superhero or comic book-based movie can almost guarantee that its fervent fanboy following will show up at the box office come opening day. A more elusive audience to capture with these big, flashy blockbusters are female moviegoers. Not that women don't love superhero movies or read comic books, of course, but they aren't often a studio's target audience.

When MTV News caught up with the stars of "Captain America: The First Avenger" recently, we asked what their film has to offer the lady moviegoers who might not necessarily be as interested in the action and explosions as others.

"I gotta be honest, [compared with] the majority of superhero movies that I've seen, I think we do a really good job establishing a romance," Chris Evans, a.k.a. Cap himself, said. "It's a budding romance, it's early. Steve Rogers hasn't had much experience with women, so the romance they establish is new and fresh, and it doesn't really have a chance to develop," he explained. "I don't want to give too much away, but I will say everything else in the movie aside, the one thing I think they really did right was the romance."

Hayley Atwell, who plays Steve Rogers/ Captain America's love interest Peggy Carter and is one of the only women in the film, agreed with Evans.

"It's got a strong, sincere love story running through it," she said. "Captain America has a sincerity. He's earnest, and there is a vulnerability about him. He's not your typical testosterone-fueled man."

In addition to all the sincere romantic stuff, Sebastian Stan pointed out that there are some superficial reasons for ladies to like the film as well.

"I feel like you can drive a car on Chris' chest, so maybe that?" he said, speaking to Evans' muscle-bound physique, post-superserum. "That might help."

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