'Iron Man 3': Ben Kingsley Unloads Arsenal Of Accents In Deleted Scene

by Brett White

If you haven't seen "Iron Man 3" by this point and are still somehow concerned about spoilers, then look away. I'd hate to ruin this for you a month before the Blu-ray is released, okay? So, spoilers.

This new deleted scene gives Ben Kingsley's Mandarin a little more time to shine, with Stark and Rhodey begrudgingly going along with one of his hairbrained schemes. After a bit of intrigue, the clip—which is twice as long as the gag reel clip we saw earlier this week—devolves into it's own gag reel, with Don Cheadle and Kingsley tossing out alternate take options at a rapid-fire pace. It's a pretty hilarious series of exchanges and while we see why it was cut from the film, we're super glad we get to see it now.

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