Tess Holliday Breaks All The Rules In H&M's Powerful New Campaign


Ever since Tess Holliday signed with a major modeling agency earlier this year, she has been landing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G gigs on the regular. For starters, she scored the cover of People magazine's body issue and an entire spread for Vanity Fair Italy. This week, she landed perhaps her most major job yet—as a model in H&M's new sustainable fashion campaign.

Tess joins a bunch of fashion "rule breakers" (like Iggy Pop and conceptual artist Daniel Lismore) in a film that proves style rules are meant to be broken. The ad says to "Wear a short skirt if you're a man" and "Show it all" with a model proudly displaying her armpit hair. In the end, H&M does reveal the one rule you should follow, though: Recycle your clothes.

In an effort to "create a closed loop for its textiles," H&M hopes to reduce the impact fast-fashion has on our planet (which, if you haven't heard, is a big one) by recycling old fabrics into new ones. Customers all over the world are encouraged to bring clothes of any brand to their stores to be a part of their Garment Collecting Initiative. According to a press release from H&M, "over 18,000 tonnes of textiles have been collected globally." Hey, we can't be mad at that.

Tess was incredibly moved to be featured in an ad that not only features a diverse range of models, but in a campaign that also sends a powerful message. She said on Facebook, "Today I've watched the H&M campaign a million times & cried. To have the chance to part of something so diverse means more than I can express." We couldn't agree more, bb.