11 Movie Moments Girls Find Surprisingly Hot

Guys, here's why she refuses to sell her DVD collection...

Dudes already know that girls tend to like movies about male strippers, firefighters and football players with hearts of gold. But there are other, less obvious choices that could get ladies in the mood on movie night...

1. "Jurassic Park": Jeff Goldblum gets Laura Dern's hand wet


With a subtle stroke of his fingers while explaining "chaos theory," he hints at the kind of chaos he can cause in the bedroom.

2. "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights": Diego Luna puts a spicy twist on a classic


Trying to fill Patrick Swayze’s shoes is a difficult (if not impossible) task, but Diego Luna gives a whole new generation of ladies the time of their life with scene after scene of hip-thrusting action.

3. "Labyrinth": David Bowie is a babe with the power


He may wear eyeliner and hang out with mythical creatures, but David Bowie’s Jareth the Goblin King has a maniacal smoothness that's as intoxicating as it is timeless.

4. "Mr. & Mrs. Smith": The Assassins' Tango


At the time of its release, any girl on Team Jennifer felt obliged to hate on this cinematic proof of Brangelina's existence, but the steamy tango number (and fight-that-turns-into-sex scene) are too hot for a gal to hold a grudge.

5. "Guardians Of The Galaxy": Chris Pratt has a close sexual encounter of the alien kind


Scales-on-human-flesh action may not be everyone's idea of erotica, but the red-hot tension between Peter Quill and Gamora is palpable enough to light up anybody's orb.

6. "Django Unchained": Jamie Foxx is right on target


Proving that there are few things as sexy as a man who can handle his artillery, Jamie Foxx’s smug grin as he prepares to shoot a snowman is a delectable appetizer to the delicious visual that is him deftly spinning, shooting and holstering his gun.

7. "Secretary": James Spader shows Maggie Gyllenhaal who's boss


This indie predecessor of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" is not your mother's romance story. The moment James Spader demands that Maggie Gyllenhaal bend over his desk and read him a letter, he cements his position as an unlikely sex symbol with a confident bossiness that would make any woman risk a warning from H.R.

8. "Brokeback Mountain": Heath and Jake serve up some same-sex sultry


Proving that sometimes more is more when it comes to onscreen masculine heat, Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal provide double the cowboy butts to drive the female population nuts.

9. "Ace Ventura, Pet Detective": Jim Carrey's eyebrows do a dance routine on his face


It's rare that a man can perform acrobatics with his forehead, and even rarer that he can look attractive doing it, but Jim Carrey’s magical jumping brows are as enticing as they are animated.

10. "Her": Joaquin Phoenix reinvents cyber-sex


Women have long known that sexual ecstasy can come from a device that requires batteries, and this film's human/operating system love story is an extension of the female tendency to delight in the power of the imagination.

11. "There Will Be Blood": Daniel Day-Lewis's milkshake brings the girls to the yard


Day-Lewis's ruthless rant at the end of this epic piece is chilling, terrifying, twisted and unsettling. It's also bizarrely attractive -- further evidence that there is something seductive about a total unhinged psychopath.

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