Bow Wow Patches Things Up With Jermaine Dupri, Talks About His Role On 'Entourage'

'I can be a clown when I want to,' rapper says of his part as a comedian on HBO show.

drives the same car during his leisure time as Bruce Wayne does.

"They call me 'Lamborghini Moss,' " the young superstar laughed as he cruised down the street in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. He was being driven, by the way, on his way to the studio to work on his upcoming album, Pedigree. Now on LP number seven, Bow has taken full creative control -- a duty [article id="1568453"]once left to Jermaine Dupri[/article]. (Take a look back at Bow's career trajectory in the MTV Newsroom blog.)

"He's my father," Bow Wow explained of their musical bond. The two have butted heads over creative direction while working on Bow's past few projects. "He's the dude when you in the crib and have your arguments, you move out the crib. ... But me and are back tight again. We hanging out every day. I'm putting him on this song Swizz Beatz did for me called 'Big Bank Take Little Bank.' I'm trying to throw him on there right now. Y'all gonna see JD on the album even if he just gets on there and says, 'Y'all know what this is!' He's gonna be a part of it even if I have to drag him."

In the fall, Bow is joining yet another family: HBO's "Entourage" crew. "I'm playing a character named Charlie who is an up-and-coming comedian, which is different for me, because I'm not really a comedian. But I can be a clown when I want to," he said. "I'm actually E's new client, and I signed on to their agency. I'm having fun this year. A lot of opportunities are being thrown my way."

Bow, whose cameo got extended while shooting, will be shown telling jokes.

"The dope thing about it, I've never liked to mix my acting stuff with the music," he said. "I've always been like that forever. Now, being that [article id="1589101"]acting is my first [love][/article] and I still love music with a passion, I wanted to find a way for me not to be stressed out and have fun with it. I wanted to bring the acting side to my music. When you see Bow Wow the musician, you see Bow Wow the actor. You'll be like, 'He's an entertaining little dude right here.' "

The actor and rapper said he also hopes to be a director someday. He's getting quite good on the editing side, at least. "That's my new hobby on my MacBook: editing," he said. "Editing on my computer, I found out that's my first hobby. I edit all my videos [for my video blog], put effects on it. I've gotten better. The 'Marco Polo' video, I directed it. I've been doing [videos] for so long, I know how it's supposed to be shot, how it's supposed to be done."

[article id="1590885"]"Marco Polo" features Soulja Boy Tell'em[/article] and is the first single from Bow's Pedigree, which comes out later this year.