An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses As Tattoo Pin-Up Girls

Belle's rose tattoo is da bomb.

Just when you thought you'd seen all the different variations of Disney princesses reimagined, another talented artist creates something completely new. Designer and illustrator Joel Santana drew Snow White, Ariel and Belle as tattoo pin-up girls.

Although he's only finished those three princesses so far, Jasmine is up next. His reimagined subjects ditch their flowery dresses and glamorous makeup for corsets, lace-up stilettos and Daisy Dukes. To put it bluntly, his work is simply badass.

Snow White keeps it casual while painting an evil-looking apple.

If you look closely, you can see the number seven on her left arm, presumably to signify the seven dwarfs. Also, the pink streak in her hair is perf.

Ariel sports some tats of a crab (hey, Sebastian), music notes and what appears to be a fish towards the bottom of her right arm.

After having to deal with ~women issues~ after joining the human race, getting a tattoo should be a swim in the sea.

Belle looks like a straight-up BOSS while adding another tattoo to her ever-growing collection.

The roses on her body are gorgeous. Notice she has Mrs. Potts tattooed on her right arm, while Chip rests on books nearby.

You can follow Santana's work on Facebook and his personal website.

H/T Metro

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