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Kristen Wiig and Alec Baldwin Return To 'SNL', and Donald Trump's Not Happy About It

Trump tweets show is 'one sided, biased'

Kristen Wiig made her return to Saturday Night Live last night (November 19) for her second time as a host. Wiig, like many returning SNL cast members, brought back several of her recurring characters from her time on the show, including Mindy Elise Grayson and Sue the Surprise Lady, and brought along several surprise guests, including Steve Martin, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Forte.

However, one person was not a fan of last night's episode:

Unclear as to whether President-elect Trump was upset about Alec Baldwin's return, the usual abuse from the Weekend Update desk (the worst this week coming from Pete Davidson), or he just hates kittens. Still, good to know our future president is taking some time to catch up on the happenings in Studio 8H.

Below some of the night's top sketches:

Alec Baldwin Returns To Tackle Trump's First Week As President-Elect

Though Baldwin was absent in last week's episode, he returned this week to showcase the behind-the-scenes discussions happening at Trump National Golf Club to prepare for the transition into the White House.

Baldwin-as-Trump meets with people he made over-the-top promises to during the election race, including a general (who thinks that Trump has a "secret plan" to defeat ISIS) and a Pennsylvania coal worker (who thinks that Trump will bring back every single lost job), as well as a handshake staredown with Mitt Romney (Sudeikis).

Finally, Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) comes out and informs Trump of how difficult it will be to implement his proposed policies (finding and deporting 11 million immigrants, repealing Obamacare, jailing Hillary Clinton), each of which Trump immediately wants to abandon. In the process, he coins a new catchphrase: scrapped!



Welcome To 'The Bubble,' Where The Election Didn't Happen

Commercial parody "The Bubble" is about a "planned community of likeminded free-thinkers, and no one else" where Donald Trump never won the presidential election. As much as Trump complains about SNL, this sketch is largely giving liberals in big cities a taste of their own medicine.

The Bubble (which is Brooklyn, "with a bubble on it") pictures the world certain people on the left want to live in, where the only websites are the HuffingtonPost and DailyKos and everyone drives hybrid cars and drinks raw milk. The catch: one-bedroom apartments start at $1.9 million. Whoops.

CNN: Like Westworld, But More Artificial

This sketch depicting an episode of Anderson Cooper 360 appears joke-free at first, until you get the twist: the panel's opinions and statements are are always the same, regardless of the content of the news. The news, of course, is made up of insane (and true) stories about Donald Trump.

The sequence repeats itself several times, with the panel's reaction heightening and heightening, until Cooper himself appears to acknowledge the loop. It's at that point where you find out what's really going on. I won't spoil it, but it looks like the CNN studios might be located in a certain western-themed amusement park.

'Secret Word' Returns, Because Of Course It Does

It was a coinflip on whether or not to include Mindy Elise Grayson or Sue The Surprise Lady, but we'll roll with "Secret Word," as it was the first sketch after the monologue. I was mostly amused by Kenan Thompson's host Grant Choad filling in for Bill Hader's Lyle Round, complete with a recorded voicemail from Hader apologizing for not making it. I was holding out hope for Gilly or Suze Orman, but Mindy Elise Grayson will do.

Next week, SNL takes a week off, and returns December 3rd with Emma Stone and Shawn Mendes.