Winona Ryder Reveals Why She's So Excited For 'Beetlejuice 2'

Ryder dishes out the Deetz.

For years, the idea of a sequel to director Tim Burton's cult-comedy "Beetlejuice" sounded like a pipe dream, something that only a person who had seen "The Exorcist" 167 times would think was ever going to happen. And then something funny began to occur... The news started to bubble over that this is a sequel that might actually come to fruition.

First, we talked to the ghost with the most himself, Michael Keaton about the possibility on February 13 at the "Robocop" junket.

There, Keaton said that if Burton was back on board, then he would be back on board. So we asked Burton about it, of course.

"Oh yeah," Burton said on the prospect, adding when asked if one of the other stars, Winona Ryder, was returning that, "Oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Yeah yeah, oh yeah."

So given all that (or at least all those "yeahs"), how about it Winona? What's your take? Is it really happening? According to Winona herself, who MTV News caught up with while she was plugging her new film "Experimenter" at the Sundance Film Festival... Well, watch and you'll see.

"Yeeeeaaah!" Ryder said.

If there's one thing the "Beetlejuice" core trio can agree on, it's that the word "yeah" is super cool. But also, Ryder is more than excited to join back up with her now Academy Award nominated co-star.

"Other than it looks like it's really happening," Ryder continued, "I'm so thrilled for Michael [Keaton] with everything, it couldn't have happened to a greater guy, and 'Birdman' was so brilliant, and I loved him, and I would be so... I'm really, really excited."

So are we, the fans, and Ryder's "Experimenter" co-star Peter Sarsgaard. Check out the video above to see what we mean.

"Experimenter" is currently playing at the Sundance Film Festival.