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Now You Can Get Advice From DJ Khaled At Anytime

The DJ Khaled advice generator is here.

In 2015, DJ Khaled became the most enjoyable Snapchat guru for fans, both new and old. Whether he's revealing the keys to success (cocoa butter, water), taking care of his massive garden or getting lost at sea but keeping his cool, Khaled has found a winning balance of entertainment and wisdom.

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Now, you no longer have to wait for "another one" of Khaled's snaps to gain a piece of advice. Pick up a piece of new DJ Khaled wisdom through the "They Don't Want You To Win" advice generator.

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Created by Facebook product designer George Kedenburg III, the generator offers such nuggets of wisdom as "They don't want you to be on a jetski doing 360s" or "They don't want you to have lunch." Give yourself an instant pick up with some Khaled wisdom!