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Can You Match These Damon Salvatore Pics To Their 'Vampire Diaries' Seasons?

Take a bite out of this bloody difficult quiz.

Elena Gilbert might not be coming back from her coma (?) thing for "The Vampire Diaries" seventh season -- pause for the sniffle whimpers -- but the town's resident swoon brothers sure will. And we hear that Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder), at least, is going to be giving us some deep, dark glory moments in his new-fangled pseudo-singleness. Which ... excellent.

But there are still many moons until the new season delivers more Damon, so to tide us all over until then -- though it might be as effective as a blood bag for a ravenous newborn vamp at calming your thirst for new episodes -- we put together this quiz to test just how devoted you really are to All Things Damon.

See if you are able to match each of these pics and GIFs of our favorite badboy vamp with its relevant season. (Fair Warning: Like anything anyone tries to do ever in "The Vampire Diaries," it's much more difficult an endeavor than it might seem.)