Lucius Malfoy Actor Shares 'Illicit' Never-Before-Seen 'Harry Potter' Set Photo

Jason Isaacs 'couldn't stop himself'

Jason Isaacs played hateful Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, but when the cameras weren't on him, he loved The Boy Who Lived so much that Isaacs risked his job over Harry and Ron — or rather, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. And now, he's released proof of his bad behavior.

Isaacs posted "an illicit picture" of young Radcliffe and Grint as they filmed a scene for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets underneath the Invisibility Cloak in Hagrid's hut, along with a sweet note commemorating the time.

"It's patronising but true that it's hard to see it without thinking how utterly adorable they were. Are," Isaacs wrote on Instagram.

To further explain why taking this photo was not allowed, Isaacs continued, "Things were very strict on set and I felt ashamed and scared but couldn't stop myself wanting a record. Nowadays we'd be selfying from morning till night."

He was a little harder on himself when he posted the same photo on Twitter, joking that as the two leads worked, "I take a picture that could get me fired in my second week. Moron."

He doesn't regret his insubordination one bit, and he makes that clear with his hashtag, #WishIdTakenMorePictures.

Honestly, we wish he'd taken more pictures, too.