Cassidy's Lawyer Says Rapper Is On 'Road To Recovery' After Crash

Truck driver in accident issued summons; Fantasia asks to visit MC.

Cassidy has regained consciousness and is "on the road to recovery" following a car crash last week in New Jersey, the rapper's lawyer, Simon Rosen, said.

The accident left the Philadelphia MC in critical condition, suffering from a fractured skull and numerous facial fractures. Cassidy -- born Barry Reese -- has been under the care of physicians at a New Jersey hospital since the October 4 crash (see [article id="1542435"]"Rapper Cassidy In Critical Condition After Car Accident"[/article]). A truck collided with an SUV taking the rapper to a Yonkers, New York, recording studio, where he's been working on his third studio LP. Cassidy's condition was updated from critical to stable before the weekend, and he regained consciousness sometime on Monday, Rosen said.

"He's a fighter," Rosen told MTV News on Thursday afternoon (October 12). "He wants to get out of the hospital as soon as possible so he can finish up his album. I always joked with him that he was hardheaded, and in this case, it's a blessing he has a hard head."

At the time of the collision, Cassidy was a passenger in a Chevy Suburban that was slammed by a truck swerving into oncoming traffic after running a red light, according to police. The driver of the truck -- who police identified as Javier Trujillo Gonzalez, a 36-year-old from Carson City, Michigan -- was issued a summons by Jersey City police for making an improper turn.

All five people involved in the crash were taken to local hospitals, but only Cassidy sustained serious injuries (see [article id="1542598"]"Rapper Cassidy's Fellow Passenger Relays Horror Of Car Accident"[/article]).

Rosen said his client is expected to make a full recovery, and is "in great spirits, but a bit incoherent at times." He hasn't had many visitors beyond his mother and fiancee, who have been by his side throughout his entire stay. Rosen said the rapper's son, Cassidy, turned 3 on Saturday, but the lawyer wasn't sure if the child has been to visit his father. Rosen said "American Idol" winner Fantasia had expressed interest in visiting Cassidy, "but he doesn't want to be seen in the condition he's in." There's no word yet on when Cassidy will be discharged, but Rosen said all indications from the hospital's medical staff suggest it should by the end of this month.

Cassidy was paroled back in March following his conviction on involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault for the April 15, 2005, shooting death of 22-year-old Desmond Hawkins. Two other men were injured during the exchange (see [article id="1525348"]"Cassidy Released From Jail After Serving Eight Months"[/article]).

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