Ed Sheeran And Macklemore Performed 'Same Love' Together At The iHeartRadio Festival

They spotlighted gay rights during the Las Vegas festival.

Last night during the second night of the iHeartRadio festival in Vegas, the stream of surprise guests continued.

Ed Sheeran brought out Macklemore to perform his gay rights anthem "Same Love" and the crowd loved the surprise.

Sheeran only had a five song set, so dedicating a big portion of that to bring out Macklemore for that particular song last night in Vegas it felt like a moment.

Macklemore handled the verses with his passionate, stutter-step rapping while Ed strummed along on acoustic guitar and joined in for the song's poignant chorus that's sung by Mary Lambert on the studio version.

The combination is spell-binding, moving tribute to one of our nation's most important social justice issues of the moment. Watch the fan-shot video below and prepare to be moved.

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