Which 'Challenge' Vet Just Announced Her Pregnancy?

'Due Date is Thanksgiving Day!' she tweeted excitedly.

"Challenge" vet Theresa Gonzalez may have had to settle for second place on "Battle of the Exes 2," but her latest update might just trump the value of any blue ribbon or cash prize.

Ian Spanier


Just shy of Mother's Day, the competitor took to social media today to announce that SHE'S HAVING A BABY, and by the looks of a sonogram that accompanied the announcement, things are coming along just swimmingly.

"In honor of Momma's Day just around the corner... Just wanna show the world our little bambino's first photoshoot!! Due Date is Thanksgiving Day!!!! Real Life Butterball #ImGonnaBeAMomma" she posted, adding "#FitMom" (no arguments there!). Guess T's going to have a lot to be grateful for when the November holiday finally rolls around! And hey: her runner-up earnings are surely enough to outfit a bomb-ass nursery with all the trimmings. Kid's gonna have one hell of a mobile!

Can you believe the tough-as-nails athlete is gonna be a momma? Be sure to leave your congratulations in the comments below!