All The Lost Boys From 'Hook' Reunited For The First Time In 25 Years

To also honor Robin Williams’s memory near the two-year anniversary of his death

In 1991, the world learned what became of Peter Pan after he grew up and left Neverland behind. The Steven Spielberg–directed fantasy film Hook created a whole new chapter of J.M. Barrie’s classic story about a boy who wanted to remain a kid forever. The young crew who portrayed Peter Pan’s (Robin Williams) Lost Boys made the movie a quarter-century ago, and the folks at 22 Vision recently gathered them all back together for one seriously nostalgia-inducing reunion.

“The thing that was really cool about this is that it was the first time this cast has ever been together [since filming],” owner Brian Pocrass told MTV News over the phone. “When I do my reunions, I try to set out to do casts who’ve never been together.” 22 Vision, a production company that specializes in reuniting cast members from famous movies, previously brought together actors from School of Rock, The Little Rascals, and the two Problem Child movies.

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Hook 25th

When asked if the cast acted like no time had passed as they met up again, Pocrass said that’s exactly how it went down. “You saw what was happening was real,” he confirmed. “They were giving each other hugs and talking about [the film].” Basically, the vibe was relaxed and the actors enjoyed seeing each other all these years later.

Pocrass explained how friends of his, former child actors who are now out of the business, weren’t thrilled with certain “Where Are They Now?” pieces due to unattractive photos being used and inaccurate information. So pulling off these elaborate and detailed reunions is a way for the actors to take control of their own identities and show the internet who they really are now. Since many of these actors never attended high school or connected with their peers, this reunion is kind of like their own high school reunion.

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Hook 25th

An important message of this photo shoot was “to be happy with who you are,” Pocrass said, since many former child stars want to separate themselves from their past. One of the Lost Boys, for example, hasn’t seen the film since he was a kid “because he was so horrifically teased growing up that it wasn’t a positive experience, it was somewhat tainted.” This shoot aims to combat those negative experiences, and reuniting these actors with the kids they grew up with can turn the entire memory upside down.

But one person’s presence was deeply missed during the shoot: Williams, who died two years ago this Thursday (August 11). Because he died so abruptly, the Lost Boys wanted to do something for their Peter Pan, and this is their chance to honor his memory, paying tribute to one of his most beloved films.

The #Hook25th anniversary is their way to, as Pocrass said, “do something that’s good-spirited and positive and something that they felt Robin would have fun doing.” Bangarang, indeed.

To see even more fun photos from the shoot, head on over to 22 Vision’s Facebook. More pics and videos will be uploaded throughout the week.

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