Jeezy Gives His Side In The Freddie Gibbs Beef

The Snowman speaks.

When Jeezy first signed Freddie Gibbs to CTE back in April 2011, it seemed like the perfect pairing. Who better than the Snowman to help usher in the Gary, Indiana street rapper?

Well, things didn't go as planned and in December 2012, Gibbs had announced that he and Jeezy had amicably split ways. But in June 2013, Gibbs told MTV News it wasn't all that amicable, saying he was tired of the "fake and the empty promises" from Jeezy and likened his one time collaborator to a "scary lil' boy."

Snowman has been quiet about the split, until now.

"I put him on a song with Eminem, I put him on a song with T.I., I put him on numerous mixtapes that I had," Jeezy told veteran hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson during an installment of his "The Truth" video series. "I took him on tour, I took him around the world, I spent money on videos that he didn't use 'cause he didn't like 'em and it wasn't his money."

Jeezy insisted that he tried to get Gibbs signed to a major label, but together the pair couldn't garner enough interest. "So at the end of the day my whole thing to him was, I took you to every label in the game, they don't wanna sign you. I don't have no reason-- I love you, I think your music is dope, but they don't wanna sign you," he explained.

According to the Thug Motivation rapper he called Gibbs and explained to him that he couldn't back him anymore. "I'll help you all I can, but I can't fund it anymore," Jeezy recalled saying. "Cool, the conversation went well, we got off the conversation, we straight, love. I hear dis records, what am I supposed to do? I'm not replying to that, n---a we getting money.

"At the end of the day, we all tried, it didn't work," he continued. "It happens in business all the time, with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, everybody."

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