The New Amy Winehouse Documentary Is Making A Lot Of People Feel Extremely Guilty

Celebrity culture was the biggest bad guy responsible for the singer's death.

We already knew that "Amy," the documentary about the rise to fame and tragic death of Amy Winehouse, was a raw, vivid, heartbreaking portrait of the real human woman behind the music.

Lately, though, "Amy" is breaking hearts for another reason: The way it clearly shows how celebrity culture, and our obsessive participation in it, makes us all complicit in what happened to her.

The movie is unflinching in its indictments of those close to Amy who failed her when she needed support -- including her father, Mitch Winehouse, and her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil -- but it's the rabid public, who champion successful celebrities while simultaneously yearning to see them crash and burn, who bear the greatest collective responsibility.

A new trailer, featuring both critical responses to the movie as well as moments that highlight the destructive force of the public eye on Amy's life, debuted today. Check it out below.

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