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Grown-Up Noah Cyrus Serenades Her Boyfriend In Her First Music Video

Labrinth joins her for ‘Make Me (Cry)’

Noah Cyrus is tormented by a love-hate relationship in her very first music video. “Make Me (Cry),” featuring R&B singer-songwriter Labrinth, follows both artists as they serenade their sleeping significant others. They’re devoted to their partners — “I never needed you like I do right now,” they croon — but something’s broken, and they don’t know how to fix it.

That frustration leads them to wreck their rooms – throwing chairs, scattering papers, and so on. Despite the commotion, their lovers remain fast asleep. Whatever they’re dreaming about, it’s better than what’s going down in those studio apartments.

Oddly enough, nobody actually sheds a physical tear in this video about making people cry. But even without waterworks, the emotion is all too real.